Vrbnik is an ancient town on the island of Krk with stone architecture, rising from the sea, overwhelmingly beautiful and full of spirit.
When entering the town, you’ll see the Vrbnik's field where the famous Vrbnik's wine Žlahtina is grown. It is nurtured by the love and hard work of the domestic people that transform it into a glass of the famous wine.

At the entrance to Vrbnik there's Tavern Luce which is satisfying demanding palates since 2003. We offer traditional local cuisine and seafood delicacies of fresh fish, quality and original Krk lamb, local squid and well known traditional home-made pasta Šurlice. The tavern offers a lovely terrace and a wine cellar where you can taste home-made brandy and wine. Luxury rooms are under construction and will soon provide the highest comfort during your relaxation time. We invite you to a pleasant family ambience, to enjoy our specialties and relaxation.

We look forward to your stay with us!